Wrong Number…ep22

During the week, I got a call from my ex. I wondered why he was calling me. I didn’t pick the first time, but he called back and I picked it. He started with this apology speech. He spent close to 10min apologizing.

I told him I did not have anything against him, I believe everything that happened between us happened because we are never meant to be. If we are meant to be together, then he wouldn’t leave me for someone else. But I was surprised at his response.

“No no no, don’t say that, we are meant to be, it’s the devil’s work”

“Devil’s work indeed” I hissed

“That girl hypnotized me, I wasn’t in my right senses”

“Tunde will you please spare me all this sermon. I have things to do”

“ Please don’t hang up on me, I’m very sorry. Pamilerin please I want you back in my life.

“ Now you make me laugh, what happened to your golden girlfriend?”

“She’s no longer in my life, she almost destroyed me. Antonia is not a wife material at all, she’s a gold digger”

“So I’m now your rebound girl right, you are my past and I want you to remain there. Please find yourself another girl cos the number you just dialed it’s not available”

“Pamilerin, please…. OK let’s meet and talk things through”

“I’m sorry I can’t meet with you, I don’t have that luxury of time”

“Pamilerin, I know have wronged you, I made a mistake please forgive me this time. You can yell at me, you can even hit me. I just want you back in my life”

“That will never happen, not in this life, not even in the next”

“Pamilerin please don’t say that, I still love you…I never stopped loving you” he pleaded.

“Tunde! In Justin Beiber’s voice: Go…and… love… yourself, I don’t care about you anymore, I’ve moved on and you should do the same”


“You don’t like Pamilekun,do you suddenly became a dullard, because the last time I checked you are the second best student in my set. It’s like you’ve forgotten everything you did to me or you need me to refresh your memory?”

“I know, I now realized my mistake, it’s just that I still love you, no other woman can understand me the way you do”

“Since you refuse to understand a simple English that it’s over between us, then I need to press the red button” I said and disconnected the call.

That day I was so pissed, he ruined my mood that day. Tunde’s call opened a fresh wound.


Daniel called later in the day, he noticed I wasn’t in a right state of mind. He ask what the problem was. Initially I told him it’s nothing, but he pestered me so much that I eventually opened up to him.

“I don’t think that guy worth all the stress you are putting yourself through” he said.

“I know, but he made me remembered everything I went through in his hands, I mean he treated me like a piece of thrash”

“Do you still love him?”

“That will make me the dumbest girl on earth if I still love that kind of a guy. After everything he did to me!”

“Then put him in his place, and take your mind off the past. Don’t allow him destroy your happiness”

“OK, I will, thanks”

“Now I want you to smile”

“Thanks, your words already melted my anger” I smiled

“I’m glad to hear that” he said.

We changed the topic and we talked for a while. He also made plans for the weekend. And I promise to see him on Saturday.

After that day, my ex kept on calling but I ignored his calls.

Daniel insisted I come visit him at his office. I went on a Friday since we close early, I had to fix another day for my private coaching.

The receptionist directed me to his office.

The staff are all busy in their cubicles. Most of them have their eyes and hands glued to their system.

I met his secretary, she’s young and beautiful, all smiling, I had no choice than to compliment her. I told her I want to see her boss. She asked for my name, I told her and she just told me to go in that he was expecting me.

I entered into his office, he stood up immediately he saw me and hugged me, he ushered me to sit on the sofa. There’s a center table in front of the sofa. I saw some packs of food on the table. He joined me on the sofa.

He told me he already got us lunch. There were two packs, he placed one of the pack in a small tray and put a pack of juice beside it and handed it to me.

We ate and chatted at the same time. After eating, he cleared the packs and disposed the packs in a waste bin in his office.

He checked his wrist watch, then called his secretary on the intercom, he told her she can leave since it’s already 5pm. I told him I’ll be leaving soon but he asked me to stay for another hour since he won’t see me the next day, and that was because I have a wedding to attend the next day.

He was busy giving me gist about some things going on his company, then his phone rang, he told me it was her younger sister, Sharon calling before he picked the call.

He told her his friend is around, I heard him mention my name. He gave me the phone, he said his sister wants to speak with me.

I took the phone and we exchanged greetings, she thanked me for everything I did for his brother, she told me she missed Daniel, that she had no choice than to come visit him in Nigeria. I gave the phone back to him.

An hour later we left the office. He wanted to take me home, but he’s not yet familiar with the route. He called his company driver who drove us to my house.

Both of us alighted when we got to my house, he followed me in to say hi to my folks. He met my mum and one of my siblings. My dad is not yet back. I introduced him as a friend.

He left almost immediately, I saw him off to the gate. He entered into the car, he thanked me for the visit, I also thanked the driver too and bade them good night.


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