Wrong Number…ep20

3weeks later, we were having our usual chat on phone when he informed me that Mr Paul has gotten an accommodation for him on the island.

“That’s good, I was about to ask you about the accommodation since you are coming back next week” I said

“Mr Paul just informed me today, so he suggested that I should tell you to come check the place out before he pays.

“Ooo….What’s my own business in this now” I thought.

It was as if he knew what was going on in my mind.

“I really don’t want to bother you but Mr Paul insisted. He said if you like it, then I’ll definitely like it and I think he’s right”

“You guys are……infact that Mr Paul is something else, where did he get that philosophy from, that you’ll like whatever I like”

“You can ask him that when you see him” he said laughing. He’ll pick you up on Saturday, so you could go together”

“So you guys have already planned my weekend for me and who told you I’ll be free on Saturday?”

“I know you are, if you are not, I would have known by now”

Now he’s right, if I’m not free he would know because we talk about everything which include our schedules for the week.

“He’ll also take you to see an interior decorator, so you can choose everything that’s needed for the interior decoration.

“Daniel, how on earth do you want me to know your taste”

“I trust your judgment, I just want a beautiful home”

“I’ll try my best”

“He’ll take you to my office, although we already arranged that before I left Nigeria. He will just show you around”

“What about your staff?”

“Yea, we gave the contract to a recruiting firm, the qualified applicants has been selected but I’ll be the one to conduct the final interview”

“Good, everything is in place then” I said

“Except for the accommodation and that depends solely on you”

“Don’t worry we still have one week, we’ll put that in place before your arrival”

“I trust you, thanks dear”

“Don’t thank me yet, you can thank me later”

“If you say so” he said smiling.

“I’ll call Mr Paul” I said yawning.

“You are feeling sleepy already, let’s sing you to sleep” he said

Smiling “You want to sing me a song?”



“I have a good voice you know”

“I’ll be the judge for that”

“Can I sing now?”

“Yes, I think I’d love that, so go ahead let’s hear you sing”

“I’m only one call her away,

I’ll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me,

I’m only one call away…

I joined him in singing.

“So when you’re weak, I’ll be strong

I’m only one call away…

I drop my tab on my lap and gave him a round of applause.

“Your voice is so sweet”

“Thank you”

“That was a nice cover of Charlie Puth’s song” I said

“Thanks, I can sing for you everyday if you want”

“I won’t mind” I said jokingly.

“Let me release you, so you can sleep”

“Ok, byeeee”

“Bye, sweet dreams”

I place my phone against the wall on my bed, with my face opposite the screen.

“Won’t you end the call” I said when I noticed he’s still on the screen.

“Go ahead and sleep, I want to watch you sleep”

“I won’t be comfortable with that, in fact I won’t be able to sleep if I know that I’m been watched”

“ That’s not fair”

“You know what? I’ll help you, bye…” I said and disconnected the call.

I smiled. “This guy is so sweet”

I’m very sure I slept with a smile on my face.

On Saturday Morning, Mr Paul came to my house to pick me up. We went to see the house on the island. It took us two good hours to get there, the traffic was so much. He parked in front of a mighty building.
“Here we are” he said as we both alighted from the car.

“A mansion! Why is he renting a mansion is he bringing the whole of America?”

Mr Paul was just starring at me

“Why did he want to rent such a big place like this all to himself?” I asked Mr Paul.

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“He’s buying it, not renting it”

“Maybe I miss that part when we were discussing about the house”

“Moreover, he’s not getting younger, I know he’ll be planning to settle down soon”

“Hmm, ok”

“Also he’s family members might decide to come to Nigeria to visit him anytime” Mr Paul added.

“That’s true” I nodded.

We check out the house together and I was pleased with what I see.

“Wow! This is beautiful” I said in amazement.

“You like it?”

“Yes and you said you need my approval, who will disapprove this kind of house, it’s so beautiful” I commended

It was a big beautiful structured building with a nice garden. The compound is very spacious, it has a parking garage. The interior has nine bedroom(master bedroom included),main office, library, main hall, dining, kitchen, swimming pool, a full size inner tennis court and wine cellar, all are divided by different floors.

We met with the agent who was already waiting for us there. We exchanged greetings and he opened the gate and show us around.

“Mr Paul, I love this place and I’m very sure Daniel will like it”

“So can I make the payment now?” he asked

“Sure” I replied

The agent told us since we are ready to buy the mansion, we have to come to their office to finalize the process. He told us we’ll need a lawyer. Mr Paul call his lawyer, gave him the office address and told him to meet us there.

20mins later we were at the office. We waited for some minutes for the lawyer to show up.

They also signed some documents, made all all necessary transactions. Mr Paul’s lawyer was also there, he signed. I also signed too as a witness.

The keys to the house, all the documents of the house, including the c/o was handed over to Mr Paul.

From there, we went to the interior décor’s office. She said she has to see the mansion first, so we had to drive back to the house.

When we got to the house, she looked around, then we all put heads together to choose what will suit the house. Although Mr Paul and the Lady still ensured I gave the final say.

I ask her if she can fixed everything within a week and she said that’s not a problem that she has enough helping hands to put things in place.

She informed us that she’ll be through in five working days. Mr Paul gave her the spare keys and promise to come around during the week to check things out. By the time we were through it’s already 6pm. I was exhausted.

We went to a nearby restaurant and took some snacks and drink. While eating Mr Paul told me, we have to pick another day to check out Daniel’s company, since it’s already late. I told him we can do that next week Saturday after inspecting the interior decorations.

Mr Paul offered to take me home but I told him not to bother. I told him I’ll take a cab that we take me straight home. It’s getting late and I know traffic will be heavy by now. I don’t want to add to his stress. He disagree at first, but he later agreed after pleading with him. He called a cab man for me and paid the Tfare. I thanked him before leaving.


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