Wrong Number…ep11

“I have a condition” I said

“What’s the condition”

“No more sex”

He laughed. “I know you are saying this because you are

angry, all the same, I’ve heard you”

“You are laughing right! you think I’m joking, I’m dead


“I’ve heard you, is that all?”

“Yes, for now”

“OK my love, I’ll talk to you later”

He ended the call and I couldn’t help but cry. I’m I in the right

relationship?” I asked myself.


He acted normal for a month. He calls and even visited me

twice and after that Tunde shut down again like Nigeria’s


I was so preoccupied, the only day I can meet him at home is

Sunday. But now Sunday is out of it because my schedules

are tight on Sundays too. Ever since the last incident, I’ve

been committed in Church.

After church service I’ll have to attend meetings upon

meetings and by 5pm I’ll have to be in the house fellowship

which I can’t afford to miss being the new house fellowship


For like two months I did not set my eyes on him. Now he

doesn’t pick my calls and of course he never return my calls.

The reality of loosing him now hit me. I cried my eyes out

when it dawned on me that my 5years relationship is crumbling

before my very eyes.

Everybody knew us to be an item, my family, his family,

friends, What will I tell them? It’s 4months gone and we did

not see each other despite the fact that we both stay in the

same Lagos.

I called my cousin, Joy and told her what was going on.

“Pamilerin, don’t stop calling him”

“Even if he’s not picking my calls?”

“Yes, keep on calling and please create time and go see him .

So that it can be said of you that you did your best”

“I’ve heard you. I’ll find time and check on him”


On Sunday, I decided not to attend all my Sunday meetings

just for me to see him. I went to his house but to my surprise,

I met the room empty. I was told he had moved out, the guy I

met in his compound said he had no idea of where he

relocated to.

The guy asked how come I never  knew he relocated.

I took his question for an insult. But he is right, how will my

boyfriend move out without my knowledge

“Do you remember the last time you visited him?” he asked.

I nodded

“Ehn ehn! He moved out the second day”

My hand bag and phone fell from my hand.

“Are you sure of what you just said?”

“Yes, I’m sure because I asked after you when he was parking

and he said you left the previous evening”

I refused to believe the guy. Tunde had another friend in the

compound, I checked on him, but he was not around. I left the

place troubled, I called him severally and he did not pick my


I returned home in the evening and I texted him, he called back

and told me he’ll come to my house the next weekend, I asked

him where he relocated to but he refused to disclose his new

address. Stay tuned for more episode probably at nyt

See u guys.


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