Wrong number…ep7

“Seriously! So you would have preferred we go to a quack ehn? See I won’t let you ruin my life, if anything happens in the future, you will look for an alternative” I said giving him a scornful look. To be sincere I’m beginning to hate him.

“Wait! Where is that coming from?”

I ignored him, I went to the cashier and paid. I already withdraw enough money from the ATM machine that morning.

After the payment, I was told to sit in the waiting room beside the OR( operating room)

I was there alone. I called my cousin and told her my plight just in case anything happen to me. I told her the name of the hospital and all she needed to know.

The doctor called me into the OR, I saw the instruments on the table and ran out.

“ I can’t do this” I cried

He asked one of the nurses to call my boyfriend. He came and encouraged me but I was scared. The doctors decided to give me anesthesia to put me to sleep.

Hours later, I woke up. I saw my boyfriend, doctor and two of the nurses staring at me. They were all sweating profusely despite the fact that the air condition is on. I look at Tunde’s eyes, they were red, its like he has been crying.

What’s going on here” I asked, terrified.

“We haven’t done the procedure yet” the doctor said

“Why? I remembered you put me to sleep”

“You reacted to the anesthesia we gave you. We were able to resuscitate you after two good hours”

I now remembered everything I saw when I was asleep, it was all like a dream. I saw myself waving at my Parents, siblings and I was begging my boyfriend to go and tell my parents what happened to me. Meaning I almost die indeed.

I silently thank God for sparing my life.

At the end of the day, the abortion has to be done without any anesthesia. It was so painful, I screamed, I cried.

My boyfriend was there all through, he held my hand tried to calm me down. To be candid I gave everyone in the O R a tough time. Some minutes later, the doctor was through.

He left while the Nurses handle the rest. One of the Nurses was so nice to me, while the other one gave him a scornful look, I get the message she was passing across.


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