wrong number…ep4

I woke up the next morning and took the PT strip into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet seat and peed on the stick. I waited for some minutes and to prove my suspicion, I saw two red lines, meaning I’m pregnant. I screamed.

Tunde rushed into the bathroom and held me. He took the stick from me, he saw two red lines which I’m sure he didn’t understand.

He took the PT strip pack from the top of the sink where I put it. He read the instructions and then realized what was going on.

“So two red lines means positive “ he said and sighed heavily. He was sweating profusely.

He took me into his arms to console me but I cried the more.

“Tunde am finished, my father will disown me that’s if he doesn’t kill me first” I said in tears.

“Pamilerin take it easy we’ll figure it out”

“You can’t understand, have brought shame upon myself and my family. My mum is a deaconess while my dad is an elder in the church. I am the first child, what example will I set for my siblings” I wept uncontrollably.

“I understand, we are both not ready for this, just put yourself together”

“You are a guy, I’m going to be the object of ridicule not you” I said amidst tears. He wiped my tears with his hands.

“Babe, take your bath and let’s prepare for school its almost 7am and we both have 8 o’clock lecture”

“Go ahead and take your bath, let me stay at home and mourn my woes”

“Let’s stay at home together then, I can’t leave you all alone, not like this”

“Don’t miss lectures because of me, don’t worry I won’t commit suicide. I know better than that, suicide is a direct flight to hell”

“I’m not leaving, we’ll stay here together”

We were like that for hours, we did not bath or eat. We were both engrossed in our thoughts. He sent a text message to the class rep that we wont be coming to class that very day. One thing was sure- the whole class will notice our absence.

Despite the text we still got so many calls. He picked some, I didn’t pick any, it got to a stage I had to put off my phone.

Both of us were just in the room we didn’t say a word to each other.

I thought of so many things, should I run away? But where will I go? I thought.

“Pamilerin! He broke the silence.


“What do you want us to do about the pregnancy?”

“I wish I’m dreaming, I want to wake up and realize all this is a dream”

“This is real”

“What do you want us to do about it” I asked him the same question he asked me.

“We have just two options here, it’s either we keep it or we abort it.

“Let me think and weigh my options” I said.

“I think we have to decide fast”

“I’m keeping it”

“Pamilerin as much as I’m happy that you are carrying my child, and that I can father a child, you know we are not ready for this, we can’t take care of this child”

“What are you insinuating?

“Abortion, that’s the only option we’ve got”

“Abortion! Murdering an innocent child!” I sighed heavily

“Pamilerin, I’m ashamed of myself, this is my seed we are talking about here, I want to see my flesh and blood too but I can’t bring a child into this world when I’m not ready”


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