Wrong Number…ep2

Weeks later, Tunde and I started dating. Trust

people, they noticed in no time. We were already

tagged couple. Some girls in the class who had an eye for him gave me attitudes but I understand.

I knew they secretly envied me because I was

dating the most intelligent guy not only in the

department but even in the faculty.

I know how they flocked around him all in the name of

tutorials, but he never gave them attention.

With time they realized we were for real and gave up.

Even the guys also discovered that they could only get

him to tutor them through me, so they had no

choice than be on my good books.

With time the girls started relating well with me and

everything was back to normal again.

Tunde and I became so close and inseparable, we

spent most of our free time together.

Some months later, he came to my room in the

evening to check on me. We chatted for a while and

all of a sudden we started this stupid rough play. He

kissed me, caressed me. I wanted to stop him but I


I realized things were getting more heated between

us, so I gathered all the strength in me and stopped 


I moved away from him.

“Tunde please stop, you are trespassing”


“Tunde what do you want from me?”

“I want you”

“I’m a virgin, I don’t want to loose it, not now”

“You want to keep it for your man, right?”

I nodded

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I’m not

just dating you for the fun of it, I’m in this for real. I

want to marry you”

“You can’t be so sure, we still have a long journey

ahead of us”

“I will never disappoint you, I will never hurt you, I


I eventually gave in, he undressed me, I was shy at

first, I’ve never been unclad in the presence of a

guy before, I grabbed my cover cloth to cover

myself. He pulled the cover cloth gently from my


“You don’t have to be shy, look at me, I’m unclad


I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, I was even

scared of seeing him unclothed.

My church mind was saying otherwise, but I gave in

after so much persuasion. I lost my virginity that

very night.

Before then, I promised myself not to loose my

virginity until I’m married, but I broke my promise

and gave myself to him.

That night he slept in my room for the first time. And

ever since that night we started having sex on a

regular basis.

Exam came, we read and studied together( exam

didn’t stop us from having sex)But we don’t sit

together in the exam hall. We sat separately. We do

submit our answer booklets almost at the same

time. So we leave the exam hall together.

Our result came out the next semester and he was

still leading the class with the highest CGPA

followed by me. I was happy our relationship did not

get in the way of our academics.


By the time we got to 300L, Tunde and I practically

lived together in his self-contained apartment in

school. It’s not that I don’t have my own room, I do

but he wanted me to be a live-in- girlfriend.

I didn’t like the cohabitation idea in the first place

but I eventually agreed to it. I only go to my place

once in a while to clean up and do one or two

things. I only sleep in my room when my relative

Comes visiting especially my mum.

Our love waxed stronger, we do things together and

things were going on smoothly between us. Then

the worst happened.


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