wrong number…ep10

I couldn’t believe my ears, so he could apologize to me. “ its OK, just promise you’ll always find time for us, even in your busy schedules.

“I promise babe, are we good now”

“Yes we are” I smiled. At last he has come back to his senses.

“Can you come over on Saturday, I’ve missed you”

“Are you not going to work?”

“No, I’m free this Saturday”

He’s sudden change of attitude still baffles me, is he playing pranks on me or something?” I wondered.

“Hello, are you still there” his voice brought me out of reverie.

“I’m here, I’ll come on Saturday”

“Good, that’s my girl. See you on Saturday then. I love you

He has hurt my feeling repeatedly, that I can’t even tell if I still love him or not.

“I love you too I replied

I was at his place on Saturday. I cooked for him, he ate. After eating, he started making sexual advances at me.

“Tunde! I’m not here for this, what we need now is not sex. I think we should talk”

“Talk about what again”

“Tunde what do you take me for, a door mat?”

“Where is that coming from now”

“We are drifting apart, I don’t know if you feel what I’m feeling”

“See there’s nothing to talk about we are fine”

Before I could say jack, he was all over me. At first I did not respond, How will I sleep with someone who doesn’t treat me right or make me happy.

He stopped when he noticed my coldness towards him.

“Everything will be fine now I promise” he assured me.


“Babe I love you, I miss you” he said kissing every part of my body.

I gave in, maybe he meant every word he uttered .

Tunde practiced all kinds of stunts on me. I’m very sure he’s been seeing adult films lately, because those moves are out of this world. He made me do all manner of dirty things I can’t start talking about.

After he had satisfied himself, he fell on his bed and slept off.

I cried as I watched him sleep, I felt dirty, I felt like trash. My whole body was aching.

I woke him up when I was ready to leave.

“Tunde! I’m leaving” I tapped him

“OK, you can leave I’ll give you a call”

I couldn’t believe my ears, even a prostitute doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

“I said I’m leaving, won’t you see me off?” I said angrily.

“See, babe I’m tired, please let me be, it’s that too much to ask” he barked at me.

“Fine! Go ahead and sleep, honestly I can’t blame you, I’m the one who played the fool” I said and stormed out of his apartment.

I got back home and rushed into the bathroom, I opened the

shower, sat down on the tiled floor and wept. I took my sponge and scrubbed every part of my body, just to wash his filthy hands off me. I was in the bathroom for God knows how

many hours. In the bathroom, I thought of so many things, it

was a time of reflection for me.

“Enough is enough, I think it’s time to go back to God” I said to myself

I came back into the room, knelt down and cried to God for forgiveness. I made a promise to God never to indulge in any

sexual act again until I get married.

I made so many promises to serve, obey him and all. I put off

my phone and slept.

The next day I put on my phone and his message popped in.

He apologized for what happened the previous day. I was still

reading his text when his call came in. I decided to pick it after several rings.

“Baby, I’m so sorry, I was really tired yesterday”

I didn’t say a word and he continued ranting over the phone.

“Baby please say something”

“What do you want me to say, when did you become this bad,

this is not you”

“Please just forgive me, please….”

“Hope this won’t happen again?”

I asked

“It will never happen again, I promise”

he replied

“I have a condition” I said

“What’s the condition”

“No more sex”


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